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An Ending to Infinity (unfinished)

A long, long time ago, in a land far-away, know as Adolescence, DamnedMonkey (me) wrote stories. Basically, when I was young, I wrote a crap-ton of stories, some of them lost when I lost my grade 5/6/7 textbooks but some of them preserved through the chore of typing them. Half of them are crap but some were good ideas that just didn’t get finished. This is one. It’s called ‘An Ending to Infinity’. Wrote it first about three years ago but didn’t finish it because I ran out of steam. And then I just forgot about it.

(if you have no idea what this references because you never saw Thomas the Tank Engine, look up ‘The Sad Story of Henry’. Children’s shows have never been so dark.)

Anyway, I digress. An Ending to Infinity was about a journalist named Felix who tries to expose the true nature of a shadow organizations dealings. The said investigation puts his wife and son at risk, and so he is forced to run away with them, running away from Earth. The point where I’m up to now, he hitchhikes (rather ungratefully) with an alien named Donald. There are two bounty hunters, being blackmailed to stay on Earth and hunt Felix, called Mr White and Mr Rainbow, although I should change that to Mr Black ‘n’ White and Mr Rainbow… In any case, they’re headed to Felix’s old army base, where he was stationed (reads notes, consults very bad timeline of events) six years ago. I think. My note-keeping process around then was very poor. I usually just wrote whenever I felt like it and that didn’t work out so well in terms of coherent storytelling.  When he’s on the army base, they will get under attack and use the Infinity Fridge(TM) to kill everybody. Eventually, it’s revealed Felix is a war criminal (and has only been scaremongering about the story, because he knows that anything he exploits about them, will come back to bite him, but they don’t know that), in charge of some pretty horrible stuff (stuff hasn’t been decided yet). Donald doesn’t have the heart and so Mr White and Mr Rainbow, who are on the scene, convince Donald to pay them for their services. End.

I just need either suggestions on how to write these final scenes or just overall feedback. If you want to check it out, through some techno-mumble-jumble, you can find it here. It’s only the first 6,480 words though. Oh, and my friend said that she loves Mr Rainbow and his rows of teeth and might draw some fan art ::shrug:: (I doubt she will, because she’s very very busy) but it’ll come here if it ever happens.

Anyway, I have no idea how this works. So @poppy, your website, your rules; I’ll bow down to them.



OMG, this sounds amazing. So much better than anything I've ever written. This is basically my idea or you can do what I've done and just let anyone finish your work entirely, but it sounds like you've got an idea of where you're going unlike me who has written a bunch of first paragraphs and then decided I didn't want to do anymore and that's basically what I posted. Please don't bow down I despise groveling *says in posh, british accent and hopes people read as joke*. seriously do whatever you want on this blog as long as it somehow relates to finishing stories it's fine with me. In terms of what to write in the final scenes I don't think I'll be much help. Compared to you I'm such a horrible writer and have such terrible ideas I'll just completely ruin it. I loved this line: ‘What does ‘arrogant, selfish, stupid fool that kills for no reason’ mean on your Earth?’
‘My name is Donald then.'.
It has nothing to do with anything i just thought you should know.

30th Jun, 18

sorry I was no help(also I found the word limit for comments, it's that ^).

30th Jun, 18

In reply to poppy

:) Thanks!

30th Jun, 18

Woah this story sounds so cool!

2nd Jul, 18