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I started writing this and I am pretty happy with it but idk what to write next, HELP

The storm around the ship swirled, angry. Almost as if the sea was mad, furious at the sailors for burdening it with their presence. One of them yelled; the sound was caught with the wind and whisked away on the breeze. He held on tightly to the rails of the boat as the captain’s hat blew off his head and into the raging waves. The captain gave it a fleeting glance but seemed to decide that it wasn’t important. He yelled to his crew and they yelled back, straining to hear each other. His daughter clutched his coat tails, a trusting look upon her face.

The waves began to swirl even more furiously. The boat rocked, suddenly standing still on it’s side in a moment that stood still for what seemed like hours; the crew, expressions of terror, clinging to the side; the captain, straining to gain control of his ship, clutching his screaming daughter’s hand. And then it happened.

The boat tipped. This time the wind was not enough to carry away their screams. They echoed through the air, mixing with the merciless crash of the waves against the boat. The girl’s ribbon fluttered away in the wind as her father pulled her away from the rapidly sinking ship. He ignored the crew’s begs for help; ignored the screams as the water consumed them, one by one; ignored the massive wave that was forming behind him; ignored it all.

The girl’s hand slipped from her father’s. She let out a cry. He looked at her for a second, the same glance that he had given his hat only minutes before. And then, just like the hat, he decided she wasn’t important. He swam away from her, a look of pain in his eyes.

And then the wave crashed down.

Their heads disappeared beneath the horizon, but only the girl emerged, coughing, struggling against the overpowering waves. Each time one passed she became more exhausted, until she finally disappeared beneath the sea.


A couple of miles away, there lay an island. So small, so insignificant that nobody knew it’s name. On many maps it didn’t exist.

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omg this is so heartbreaking whoa

12th Jan, 19