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Presented by State Library Victoria

The Mansion of no Return


“MUM! I’m hoooooome!”

Alyse screams as she swings open the front door. “DAAAAD? Are you here? HEEEEEEElOOO—-“

Alyse stops when she sees her parents lying on the kitchen floor, seemingly unconcious yet, not breathing. “Oh, goodness…” You race outside only to crash into the doctor.

“You must be miz Alyze, i’m zorry, but i believe your parentz have had a mazzive turn for the worzt in thier health…”

“In other words??”

“They’re gone.”

“GONE?” You say almost innocently “What do you mean, GONE? … OH…”

“In zeir vill, it zays you vill have to go to your great uncle’s place. Zorry.”…

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"But doctor, I can't go there! He's said to be dead!"
"No, not dead, but he never leaves his house I'm zo zorry."

As the white convertible pulls in slowly up to your great uncle's run-down crumbling mansion Alyse steps out and it starts to rain. "Oh, great, just great." Alyse screamed as a massive bolt of lightning sparks through the sky.

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